Have you lost your destiny?

Published on 10 April 2023 at 13:51

Have you lost your Destiny?

This might sound like an incredibly strange question, but in these days of trying to emulate the billionaires who shape the world, have we become disengaged from our own Destiny?

As a shaman and holistic practitioner, I have seen a huge increase in people becoming victim to the ‘so what’ attitude. No longer taking any interest in forging a path for themselves, they happily sit in front of televisions and when faced with the problems facing themselves and our planet ‘so what’ is their stock response.

This isn’t a new problem, it was identified by shamans thousands of years ago, however, the modern version is far darker than anything we have seen before.

I want to ask you to think back to childhood, did you want to be anything special? Did you have a plan to become this amazing thing you dreamed of? Or did you think it was too far out of reach? That you were too stupid, the wrong sex, or it was just too hard to achieve and never even gave yourself a chance to try?

If you fell into the last category then you may well have experienced a trauma that sent your Destiny hiding in the shadows, too afraid to appear. You might have set your sights on your goal and studied but got inadequate marks, given up and put the dream away. Sadly, this is the case for the majority of us, exam marks raising the bar higher and higher, being told you aren’t ever going to achieve what is required so you may as well do something less challenging.

This attitude by society is resulting in too many people believing they are lesser than others. Too many turning to addictions and suicide to numb the pain of being a nothing in the eyes of the world. When in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Maybe I got a bit ahead of myself here, first we should look at what is our Destiny? In the eyes of spirituality, shamanism and the ancient religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, we spend lifetimes reincarnating. Prior to incarnating we receive the agenda for the new life. We choose parents, family, social status, physical appearance, circumstances of health and situations we will encounter in the lifetime to come. Essentially, we script the life we will have, and in this script, we have a job given to us by the ascended masters, gods, ancestors, whatever you wish to call them. This job helps us right wrongs we have done in previous lives, helps us to learn lessons we missed the last time, but crucially it guides us to becoming an essential part of the web of life. Becoming more aware of our relationships with all other beings and doing things that benefit the whole rather than the individual. Each of us is given special talents to help us find the niche we will excel in. Explains why we are drawn to certain things like sports, caring professions, teaching, you get the drift.

So, back to my point, we have this Destiny set out in the realm of non-ordinary reality as this scripted life, but in our ordinary reality here on Earth things don’t always go to plan. We encounter people and situations that challenge our direct path, bringing obstacles to overcome. Lessons to learn.

I know in my life there have been many situations that have challenged me, and I haven’t always reacted in ways that have been beneficial to my soul purpose. I’ve played the victim, the martyr, the wounded hero, the list goes on and on, preferring to allow these situations to define me rather than learn from them. Resulting in a life that has flitted from one focus to another. Always looking for the something that would tell me who I am supposed to be, rather than looking for the destiny, I was supposed to follow.

In my case, and in the case of many others, a life changing event happens that literally jolts us back to remembering the destiny we came here to achieve. Thousands of people have acknowledged a NDE (near death experience) has given them back the drive to find their purpose on earth. Speaking from my own experience, I left my body during a heart attack, it was beautiful, peaceful, no pain but I knew it wasn’t my time, there was much more for me to do here. I could have stayed, there was nothing, just absolute peace and a feeling so euphoric and beautiful words aren’t equipped to describe it, but no I knew there was something calling me to stay on earth. And like thousands of others, I began this journey to find the elusive something that drew me on. My destiny.

I know many would dispute a destiny is important, in this day and age isn’t our destiny to fulfil societal requirements of conforming to what is expected of us. Get a good education, achieve a certain level of results, chain ourselves to a career to please others and become a useful part of society. The important thing about destiny is that it comes from a higher knowledge that understands our role in the world is to connect to the web of life and contribute to helping and healing the entire world, and whether that pleases the majority has nothing at all to do with achieving this important role we are sent to fulfil.

You only have to look through history at the geniuses that were ridiculed for visionary thinking, the heroes and heroines that steadfastly stood for what they believed in. Who do we remember, the ones who laughed or the ones that held onto their dreams and destiny?

I’m not suggesting any of us need to go and become astrophysicists or find the next life changing discovery, some will, but for the majority of us our destiny is fulfilling a role that brings healing and love to those we come into contact with. Using the talents, we were given we can achieve it but where to begin?

And back we arrive at our jumping off point trying to figure out what our destiny is. There are clues. Looking at what makes us happy is a perfect place to start, searching the soul we can ask ourselves to remember situations that stand out, bring that warm fuzzy feeling, ask what annoys us deeply about others? Sounds odd? Well not really, what annoys us in others is a huge clue to our destiny. If we react with anger, it makes sense that whatever it is that provokes this reaction is something we want to fix, remove from the world. Think about how you feel if you see an act of animal cruelty reported in the media, how you feel when you see starvation in a world with so much prosperity, how you feel at ecological crises, are you getting the idea?

For me my first clues came as a psychic medium, the joy and fulfilment of people as they received messages and validations from non-ordinary reality sent me on my path of shamanism, which allows me to help others find that important guidance from the ancestors who surround us as we travel towards achieving our destiny. My NDE further reinforced it as I experienced the journey of recovering from serious health problems, helping me understand that each challenge I had faced and still do, is a lesson in finding our way back to the script. I have no wish to be a world famous anything, my path is helping others find theirs through my work as a shaman. I have doubts daily that I’m not good enough, wise enough, all the things that make us human, but I also know through working with my ancestors and guides that all I need is within me, it was brought from non-ordinary reality when I was born. The problem is we forget after birth and need to reconnect with the Higher Self to bring it back to mind. Which in itself can be a huge problem. Where and how do we manage that?

Begin small. Destiny calls us in the joy of doing things that give pleasure and happiness to others. Write a list of the things that annoy you, and then come up with solutions to help prevent them in the place you live. Does animal cruelty stick in your throat? What can you do to help stop it? These are the kind of things to start from, keep going until something really resonates. Treat the list as a beginning for your vision quest. The ancient indigenous societies all encouraged their young people to go on a vision quest. It was a right of passage that shaped their coming adult lives. Sending them out alone to connect with the spirits and receive the guidance that would show them their path. This retrieval of destiny was the first step towards connecting with the life purpose of the individual. Something that was lost as the world became modern, but thankfully is returning as we move back towards the ways of connection and healing. And the beauty of beginning a vision quest is that it can start at any age, it’s never too late or too early to seek out the path we are supposed to travel.

If you are already pursuing a path, you feel is destiny, guidance comes in things that happen, synchronicities that fill you with joy and a knowing that you’re going the right way. Those times when things just miraculously fall into place are destiny telling us we found our way back to the script. Alternatively, there are times when deep dark thoughts pervade and seek to stop us in our tracks, these are guidance’s from non-ordinary reality telling us to stop and look backwards to things we haven’t dealt with or acknowledged. This is the time to seek out the shaman and journey to the moment needing attention. Leaving things unchanged prevents us finding our way back and results in all kinds of disease in the physical and mental bodies. Our ancestors and Higher Self know that life on earth is hard, and that we will naturally seek comfort and an easy existence, and so when we fall into this trap of casting destiny aside problems crop up that make us take action, even if those things are only to gain treatment for disease that could ultimately take our lives. That might sound a bit hard and simplistic, and in essence it is. Mostly we will ignore subtle signs we need to change the course of our lives, and so bigger things come up that can’t be ignored, forcing us to either make decisions to rectify the situation or simply sit back and allow them to take their course. If the last sentences anger you, are they a sign you are ready to act? Or does it signal a victim response and make you feel indignant and want to throw a pity party?

Both are common responses, part of the process we need to go through to grow on a soul level and follow a higher path. Nobody said it was going to be easy following this destiny thing! I’d be a liar if I said I never felt that way, it’s human nature and part of the journey to following a higher calling. It’s a complicated process this destiny retrieval, not only do we have to identify what it might be that we are supposed to do, we have to learn lessons along the way and deal with things we’d rather leave buried. This is why so many take the easier course and stop trying. Sitting at home watching the world through a screen. Not giving themselves the opportunity to connect with others and bring their gifts to those who need them. Oblivious to the help that’s available to them from the spirit realm. Too many cry out to the heavens for help and miss the answers because their ears and minds are closed to the possibilities of spirit guidance, but why cry out if you think nobody is there? What a conundrum!

We need help to understand on a level the human brain can deal with. That help comes in the form of shamans. Those beings who follow their destiny to reunite the lost with the wisdom of the non-ordinary realms. Like myself, the shaman has the ability to remember the way back to non-ordinary reality and converse with the higher beings to guide humans back to their path of destiny. Often helping them face traumatic experiences and find the lessons locked within. Giving guidance from ancestors and helping spirits that will allow the client to achieve their destiny. Advice and guidance that isn’t always easy or pretty. But never more than we can handle. Journeying with clients to other realms so they can experience a little of what we know is there. Allowing them to see that dreams and imagination are actually signs that can guide. To any shaman, and I think I can speak for the majority, our role is both hard and rewarding. Yes, we encounter ridicule, but that’s par for the course, a symptom of disconnection. We understand that even though we can help others we need help from time to time as we walk our own path. We are not all knowing, rather vessels to pass on guidance from higher beings we have the honour of being able to converse with.

I am lucky to have been able to identify my destiny and live it, and for that I am grateful and acknowledge all the help I have had along the way. I end with this message for anyone seeking their destiny, never feel afraid to be different, to stand out and follow a path other people don’t understand. Your path is unique to you, it may be hard to find, you may travel light years away from it as you pass through life but remember there are shamans that can help you find your way back and find the destiny you seek. Our destiny is to help others reveal theirs. And that is a privilege we would never swap for an easy life.


Please feel free to message me on my social media @blissfulearth if you have any questions about destiny and finding your own, it’s my destiny to help.

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