Living in Right Relationship

Published on 8 August 2023 at 17:20


Living in right relationship
It wasn't always so difficult, our ancient ancestors lived this way, respecting the natural world, taking no more than they needed, understanding their role as an integral part of the whole.
The Seer understands the workings of the natural world. Developing her skills, tuning into the subtle energies, studying the behaviour of animals, plants, birds, and weather to gain knowledge which brings a deep insightful relationship with her world.
Much like her ancestors, the Seer, knows the natural world so well that every piece of information she gathers holds much significance, allowing her to foretell destructive change or healing abundance.
The Seer is intensely aware of the slightest change in growing patterns, appearance and disappearance of plants, animals, and weather patterns. Using this information to predict forthcoming events, the effect of pollution and climate change. Applying it to our lives in order to assist the Great Mother in recovering from the damage humans have done.
The Seers path is one of life long learning, using many forms of Divination to decipher the true meaning of all she sees.
Her wisdom is quiet, deep, meaningful, always given with respect and honesty. Words carefully chosen to convey the messages without pride or prejudice. Never telling anyone what to do, offering only a chance to begin the inner journey finding the answers hidden within the self.
She is the wise elder, ever watchful, silently weeping as she observes the damage done to our planet and all its inhabitants. Hoping that one day we will remember what it is to live in harmony with all things.


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