Elements and Energy

Published on 8 August 2023 at 17:24


Elements and Energy
Everyday each of us become entwined in the intricate web of elemental energy that lives in every cell of every being. Energy which informs us on multiple levels, how the outer and inner worlds are doing.
Connecting us to the energetic mood swings of the natural world, we respond to this unseen web subconsciously, determining our moods and actions. The reason we feel drawn to outdoor activities in the summer, withdrawing inwards in the winter.
Although our bodies understand our actions, on a mental level, we have become misaligned with our natural energy cycle. Resulting in energy imbalances which present as disease, mental problems, fatigue, and a myriad other symptoms.
The Seer acts as a conduit for this energy, understanding its effects on humans and the natural world. We were never designed to be active 24/7, our health and wellbeing revolving around the natural cycles, bringing times of activity and periods of rest. And although it's quite easy to work out the energies present in each season, on a daily basis, more subtle energies come into play, informing us of our immediate energetic condition both in the body and the world around us.
If you have ever delved into the human aura, you will know that it responds to energy from other people. People in a bad mood can make our auric field shrink as a protection mechanism from the darker, heavier energy it encounters. Similarly it will expand towards good energy given off by happy people.
In nature energy acts as an early warning system in response to planetary events. You've heard the phrase 'it was a dark day' in relation to disaster or war, think about how heavy the energy of the world becomes at these times.
In ourselves we can recognise this process retrospectively. Think of a time when you have experienced a loss or great happiness, other than emotions you will probably be able to recall the weather at the time. Demonstrating that the energy web is also affected by the energy of such momentous events.
The Seer is acutely aware of the energetic world, watching the behaviour of creatures, plants, trees, and weather, she is able to sense subtle changes, predicting forthcoming events based on her knowledge of her environment.
Climate change can be seen directly by observing the nesting behaviour of birds, the flowering of plants, unusual growth patterns in trees. This knowledge vital to inform us of changes in growing cycles and preservation of wildlife and ecological systems.
Not only does she have a deep connection to her environment, her environment connects deeply with her. She develops relationships with the beings she encounters, and through this is able to garner ever more information which benefits the whole.
Strengthening the connection which binds her so closely to all around her. Truly an integral part of the wider world.



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