Walking the Divide

Published on 19 September 2023 at 11:53

Sometimes there comes a morning when you feel the draw of the souls beyond the Veil. When the connections are so strong you simply can't ignore the overwhelming feelings of love being sent to you from those who have passed from our sight.

As we approach Samhain the Veil thins, allowing both sides the chance to express the love that never dies. 

As I drew my daily oracle card the beautiful Lady De Los Muertos called to me, she is my Psychopomp guide, who helps me in Shamanic work crossing over the souls of those ready to depart or stuck between worlds. She stands as a sentinel at the doorway, especially as we come closer to the ending of the seasonal year when thoughts turn to those loved ones no longer here.  As I gazed at her face I was overcome with a profound sense of love, so strong tears welled in my eyes, she is not a being to be feared. She offers us that precious gift of connection. Of being able to feel the deep bonds of love and family we fear lost when loved ones pass beyond this world.

Death is the most terrifying place, we fear it. In truth it is an integral place of being, a space of ending and renewal, somewhere that marks a phase on our celestial journey. Passing on to the next stage of existence beyond the constraints of the mortal body. As a psychic practitioner I find myself in the unique place of knowing with absolute certainty that other realms exist, that consciousness does not die, but evolves into something more than we could ever imagine. I dearly wish all could experience the truth of it. The truth that we remain aware of all that goes on, that we are able to help those on opposing sides of the Veil. That we still hold the love we once shared with partners, children, grandchildren, friends, and pets.

Lady De Los Muertos reminds us that as we prepare to leave this realm, surrounded by loved ones, we will not journey alone, she, and those gone before wait to welcome us and guide us onwards in this new space of existing. She holds open the doorway that allows two way communication to the soul on the cusp of wonder. I see it as a space we look back on lives lived, while simultaneously seeing our new path stretching out before us, comforting and familiar, memories of the same moment at the end of previous journeys. As I write I see a vision of beauty, a land so wonderful even the mere idea of it fills me with joy, coupled with the sight of those being left behind mourning around the bedside of one who just passed.

The soul feels a joy, a weightlessness, that feels unimaginably wonderful, yet retains the care for those they have, or are about to leave. I speak from experience, an NDE showed me the wonder that is the next part of my journey, briefly, just a sense of it to know there is more, to know there is nothing to fear. Oh how I wish everyone could experience it, to be present in both worlds at the same time, aware of life and the hereafter in the same blissful moment. For me there was no light at the end of a tunnel, although the space glowed with a white brilliance that felt like home, I was taken to see loved ones afraid I might pass, deep in sorrow, gratefully I returned to this body filled with the deepest sense of love, this was not my time just a reminder and a lesson that there is nothing to fear, there is no pain just peace and bliss. I carry that with me deep in my soul, conscious of the illness that still remains but secure in the knowledge that death is a place of transition, where the soul becomes a light body, capable of travelling the cosmos, being in two places at once, retaining the memories of each incarnation we have had. Aware we can return with others we share the heavenly abode with to experience another turn of the wheel or seventy.

At this very moment there are thousands of souls about to depart, surrounded by family wishing they could remain. Thousands who face this beautiful transition with fear, or happily filled with the memory of previous passings. We cannot know how we will feel at the final moment, what conditions came together to bring us to the space we will depart, but what I do know is that we will meet again, as we walk along the wall that separates the realms, we will find windows that allow us to see each other through dreams, through thoughts, through love. 

As we move towards Samhain take time to celebrate those who walk the Veil with us, remember them with joy. Honour each special moment with happiness not tears. Set places at the table for those who stand beside us, its only fitting to offer them a chair and a share of the meal we prepared in their honour. Surround yourself with pictures, mementos, anything that reminds you of them, bringing them closer as the Veil reaches its thinnest and we can touch the spirits of those we love. Yes it is hard for the mortal mind to comprehend there is happiness in passing, it's only when we find true wisdom do we know the beauty of it all.

I leave you with a chant I heard a few days ago that sums up the journey of us all, repeat it a few times, let it sink in


'when we're born we cry,

And the World rejoice,

Live your life,

So that when you die,

The World cries,

And you Rejoice


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