Helpful Resources

This is the place to find some helpful resources whether you need a guided meditation, tracks to meditate to, book recommendations, things to do outdoors with the family, you will find something useful. any ideas for things you don't find just drop us a line on the contact form at the bottom of the page.




Here is a selection of great shamanic drumming tracks to use during meditation and shamanic journeys, and a few others to help you and your animals relax. These are some of my personal favourites I hope you like them.  This one is called Deep shamanic drumming lasts for three hours, I use it for shamanic journeying and trance work. Another drumming track with fire video, fire can be useful for aiding concentration and entering a deep trance state during meditation. I was gifted a tongue drum recently and they are wonderfully soothing pieces of equipment to either listen to or play. This is a sound bath of tongue drums and it's super relaxing. Here's a singing bowl sound bath, sound baths are really wonderful for grounding and settling the spirit. sometimes it's hard to fall asleep, especially if you are only able to grab a few hours, this is one of my favourites to fall into a peaceful healing sleep. And another one with black screen so you aren't disturbed by light. Cat relaxation music, yes, it's actually really relaxing for humans too! I use this to calm my gang when they get overactive at night while I'm trying to sleep. Spirit Animal series part 1 Jaguar part 2 Spirit Animals series Condor Stress relief meditation