Seer, Watis Pretani, Wisewoman

My name is Lynne Gallagher, Seer, Watis Pretani, Wise woman, based in the beautiful county of Offaly in Ireland


I walk the ancient path of Seership, a practice used by our Mesolithic ancestors, which connected them deeply to the wisdom and hidden knowledge of the natural world.


Many steps make our paths, each adding knowledge, building on the wisdom we discover as we reveal the secrets of our ancestors.


I have trained in many forms of ancient practices over the last 24 years, working with indigenous wise women, shamans, seers and academics. Building a base of knowledge that encompasses many aspects of our prehistoric European heritage. Revealing secrets of lineage and culture long forgotten.


Ours is a heritage of  multicultural wisdom, a melting pot of beliefs and practices drawn together as our ancestors settled and formed alliances. Becoming the central focus of physical and spiritual life, relied on for guidance and survival.


In my work, I offer training and guidance to women who feel drawn to recapturing the wisdom of their ancient kin, through workshops, one to one sessions and journeying. 

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