Shamanic Services

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Shamanic Auric Cleanse & Chakra Rebalancing

This powerful auric cleanse utilises the ancient power of shamanic healing to draw out the debris that accumulates in the auric field. Using crystals and powerful cleansing techniques, this treatment removes the build up of negativity and dis-ease from the body. Gently rebalances the chakras and cleansing the auric field to leave you feeling refreshed, lighter and ready for anything.


Duration - 60 minutes    Exchange - €95

Shamanic Healing Session with Shamanic Reiki

This total healing experience guides you on a journey of self discovery and inner healing, essential in restoring balance and harmony to mind, body, and spirit. Through a carefully tailored mixture of sacred ceremony, shamanic journey, auric cleanse, guidance from spirit helpers and totem animals, you are held in sacred space to remove traumas held deep within the body. Shamanic reiki then brings deep relaxation and equilibrium to compliment and support the body's physical systems.


Duration - 60 minutes       Exchange - €120

Shamanic Counselling

Shamanic counselling is a method that allows the shaman to identify significant traumas buried deeply within the energetic field. Using discussion of symptoms manifesting within the physical body and information from the your own spirit guides, you are taken on a shamanic journey to find the specific healing you need. This powerful healing session is guaranteed to locate the true source of dis-ease and trauma. 


Duration - 90 minutes         Exchange - €130 (in person session)     - €110 (online session) 

Soul Retrieval

From the time we are born we lose soul parts from traumas we experience in daily life, and sometimes from ancestral wounds passed down through family lines. Soul retrieval is a method used by Shamans for thousands of years, that allows the shaman and her guides to journey within the energetic memory field to locate and restore lost soul parts. You are gently guided on a beautiful healing journey while the shaman and her guides travel along your timeline locating soul parts and returning them to the place they belong.


Duration - 90 minutes        Exchange - €130