Shamanic Training, Courses, & Workshops

Shamanic Practitioner training Initiate Level

This year I have decided to open up training to those who wish to become qualified Shamanic Practitioners.

This will be an ongoing training over a period of four years from Initiate to advanced Shamanic Teacher/Trainer, beginning with the Initiate Stage.

As a Shaman I have trained in many lineages, worked with a huge range of spirit helpers, guides, healers, and ancestors, for over 25 years to arrive at the point I am now. I do not claim to be aligned with one specific lineage, I have learned from all and utilise parts of many traditions in the work I do. I have worked with exceptional Shaman, and those who are not what they appear to be. I have experienced the depths of healing that must be endured to become one who can assist others in finding the healing they seek. It has been a long road, one which I still travel, and now I am guided to help others begin their journey as Shaman, Healer, Sage.


Shamanism is a life path, a journey that takes the Initiate from the normal reality of everyday life to communicating with spirit beings, healing themselves and ultimately clients. It is a consciousness shift which changes the way you see and interact with the natural and spiritual realms. The journey is long, four years is the minimum study period before anyone can fully call themselves a shaman with any degree of the expertise and safety that is required to help facilitate healing in our clients. It changes you on a soul level and how you interact with the world around you.


The Shamanic Initiates journey begins with understanding what shamanism is, and the role of the shaman as a conduit between worlds. You will learn
• What the role of a Shaman is.
• Ethics
• Protection, cleansing and safety.
• What the spiritual realms are and their main functions
• Ritual and ceremony to hold safe sacred space.
• Learn how to connect and work with spirit guides.
• Understand and perform shamanic journeys.
• Learn to work in the other realms for healing with the aid of your guides.
• Shamanic Soul Fire Reiki
• Learn how to perform Shamanic journeying in practical settings.


The Initiate period is studied over a period of 9 months, it will consist of one weekend of group tuition at The Space Above Holistic Centre, Birr, Co. Offaly, two online workshops, with additional one to one online support per month. Each month/module concentrates on specific areas of Shamanic training, and act as standalone modules as well as part of the Initiate curriculum. There will be a private Facebook community to discuss and share. There is a limit of 12 people per intake. Please note Initiate training must be completed before moving on to year 2, regardless of prior training.


This training delves very deeply into the basic elements of Shamanic work, fully understanding the basic principles provides the practitioner with a set of steps which are essential to clear communication, understanding and safety for themselves and prospective clients. I cannot stress enough that Shamanic practice is not a simple process, it requires dedication and a desire to heal yourself before healing others. Many people underestimate the profound changes that occur during training, it requires a real willingness to open yourself to the wisdom of the universe and begin with a clear mind.


At the end of the Initiate period you will achieve certification as a meditation teacher/trainer and also levels 1 and 2 in Shamanic Soul Fire Reiki.


The cost is €250 per module/month with a non-refundable deposit of €80 upon booking. You may register for one month at a time or for the entire 9 months, in which case payment plans are available. Concessions for the unwaged/low income can be arranged, please email to discuss.


Dates are to be announced and at this point I am asking anyone who would like to know more to register your interest. As I said there are 12 places available per intake, if you are unsuccessful this time there will be a waiting list for the next intake or should a place become available.


Please email to register your interest, or discuss payment options and concessions, please share a little about your reasons for wanting to participate, it helps me understand your needs better.

or call 0894655279 if you prefer to speak to me directly.



Online Meditation Teacher Certification

Online Meditation Teacher Certification Course.


This course is for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the intricacies of healing themselves and others through the practice of meditation.


Meditation is often thought to be simply sitting in silence, trying to control the monkey mind with no other outcome than achieving inner peace. It is far more than that!


Meditation is a practice to open the mind and connect with the higher self, its many forms help us achieve wellness in ways that we can integrate into our daily lives, easily and unobtrusively, and use to compliment any other modalities we practice. It is probably the most versatile and powerful healing system we can have in our healing toolbox.


In this course you will learn about the basic methods of meditation and the more advanced techniques which can be used in a huge variety of situations and settings. We will work with simple techniques for instant calming right through to healing the Inner child, finding our spirit guides, and alleviating the symptoms of dis-ease in the body.


We will use practical examples and case studies to build a firm foundation that will stand you in good stead as you go on to teach this modality to students in the future.


Modules will include,

  • Basic techniques
  • Setting and holding sacred space
  • Selfcare for the practitioner
  • Ethics
  • Exploring the other realms
  • Understanding the needs of the client
  • Using sound as a healing tool
  • Meditative guided journeying
  • Healing the inner child
  • Locating and removing deep trauma
  • Instant calming techniques
  • Setting up a healing regime
  • Practical final exam



Each weekly online session lasts for two hours and is supported by a weekly one to one call to discuss issues arising from the class and to practice any meditations set as homework.


You will be fully supported on this journey as you begin to explore the intricacies of a modality that is rarely used to its fullest potential.


The cost is €250 with a deposit of €80 payable on booking with the balance payable one week before commencement of course. Next course to be announced.


Please feel free to email me for more information and to book


or DM me here or on Instagram



Women's Trauma Release Workshop

More than half of all women have been exposed to at least one traumatic event in their lives, according to the American National Center for PTSD. A statistic that in reality is just the tip of the iceberg.


Through my Shamanic Healing work, I know that each of us suffer traumas from birth. Limiting beliefs of parents, friends, family members, media, and social media, all contribute to shaping the person we become. Sadly, we take these beliefs on board as being truth, and allow them to change the way we behave towards and see ourselves. Creating a distorted view of who we are and stifling our power to be the person we are supposed to be.


Trauma manifests cleverly, it sits within the mind and over time convinces us that we are useless, ugly, should never speak out or challenge the things we have been taught to accept as truth. 


Trauma manifests as dis-ease in the body, the inability to have and keep close relationships, and in sadly far too many cases mental health issues, depression and suicide. It forces us to repeat patterns within our family that are not and never were ours, perpetuating trauma through generations, allowing its power to build until it consumes everything and everybody it touches.


In this one day workshop we will examine trauma in all its forms, and learn to identify and tackle the effects it has on each of us.

With the use of ancient Shamanic rituals, healing practices, and Shamanic soul practices we will locate and remove  traumas that may have been placed in the body during childhood or even further back by inherited Ancestral traumas that have haunted familial lines for generations.


You will learn to understand how and what causes trauma,  you will be given tools to prevent yourself from causing that in others, and the tools to work with residual traumas. You will also find ways to forgive those who caused the trauma and cut the cords that bind it to you.


Typically the day will look like this, 


ceremony to open sacred space

trauma and its manifestations

learning to identify our own trauma and forgiving 

shamanic practices to uncover sources of trauma


lunch - a selection of vegan and vegetarian foods will be provided


preparation work for shamanic healing sessions

shamanic trauma healing session 

restorative space 

future work to identify trauma as it arises

cord cutting ceremony and bone dance

closing ceremony


This will be a powerful day of removing the influences of the past. As we work within the cosmic womb space there will be tears, revelations, forgiveness, and the emergence of a new, wiser, happier, version of the self, all held within the safety and love of the sacred Shamanic circle. Spirit guides and helper spirits will be revealed to support you on your journey going forward. 


This is a gift to yourself that you cannot afford to miss. 


IMPORTANT NOTE - if you are suffering from any mental health issues please email me to discuss as this workshop may bring up issues that could affect your ongoing treatment.


There will be 10 places available for our first workshop on Sunday May 5th, at the Space Above Holistic Centre in Birr, Co. Offaly.

Time - 10.30 am to 5.00pm.

Cost - €95 per person payable on booking (please note - if you wish to attend and find funds are problematic, please get in touch  so that we can discuss how we can best support you in attending)


As always please feel free to get in touch to book and to discuss any questions you may have.

You can,  

email -

 or DM on Instagram - @blissfulearthseership