'Everything that gives birth is female. When men begin to understand the relationships of the Universe that women have always known, the world will begin to change for the better. Teachings come from the women......'

Lorraine Canoe, Mohawk Elder

As far back as I can remember I've been fascinated by the ancient peoples of the world, their cultures, gods, and connection with the natural world.


So began my journey to learn the ways of the wise women in a multitude of indigenous cultures. Training in shamanism, meditation, reiki and a plethora of other healing modalities under the tutelage of women and men from all over the globe.


I've practiced for over two decades helping clients restore their fractured souls, and repair their bodies both physically and mentally. Striving to bring about a state of health that not only benefits the human, but works with the natural world to help heal the damage we have done. Living in harmony, just as our ancestors did.


I've learned to read the signs all around us, that help guide us towards a wiser way of existing, worked with plant devas to find healing for ailments in both humans and animals, interpreted the behaviour of birds, animals, plants and weather to foretell information for the future. Tuned in to the natural world and availed of it's wisdom as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did.


As a Seer I practice the ancient forms of divination and healing passed down throughout our heritage, drawing on practices incorporated from many civilisations as our ancestors migrated throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. This combined wisdom brings an enormously powerful well spring of knowledge that is relevant more and more in our world today.


I offer women the opportunity to draw from the well of our ancestresses and learn the ways of the wise women who walked the earth before us. More and more women are hearing the call, feeling a tug towards something they can't express in words. A strange longing that beats under the surface showing itself in dreams and de ja vu. Something that calls from the depths of our primordial souls.


Lynne Gallagher

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