Published on 5 June 2023 at 12:41


Have you felt a yearning for something? Something you just can’t catch. A feeling that throbs in your very being. Ancient, primal, an undecipherable pulse that won’t go away. So strong it makes everything you know seem irrelevant. Where does it originate? Is it the call of the soul to finally realise what we are doing on this beautiful earth?

Like a whisper in the body something changes. Suddenly you crave the feel of wind on your face, the euphoria of standing by waterfalls, feeling their power coursing through you. Nothing compares to the simple joys of being alive. Yet you still can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that calls. A force that sings so loudly you can feel it in every cell but so softly you can’t hear it in the world of men.

Restlessness envelops you. The whisper is everywhere. Funny, it gets louder the more stressed you feel, calling when your body and mind ache from the trials of the life you lead. Louder still when you find a moment of peace out in the green world. Its name? Connection.

The ancient people knew its power. Hunter gatherers walked the world knowing the movement of animals, the stars, the seasons, the healing powers of the plants and trees. Living a life of co dependence knowing their actions affected the world, and how the actions of the world affected them. Giving thanks for all they received from the creators of their bountiful home. Symbiosis, at its pinnacle.

We may have forgotten its importance, but we still practice, even when we aren’t aware of it. Small things that catch our eye, the song of birds, warmth of the sun on our bodies, things that make us feel good, moments of pleasure that lift our hearts. Reactions to gifts of the natural world that cost nothing and benefit us immensely. Sharing the simple joys our ancestors knew were only found by being part of the world, not separate from it.

Why do we long for the sea? Water makes up a huge part of the human body, essential to survival, bears our weight, powerful and dangerous, shape changer, it is part of us, and we are part of it. Controlled by the feminine energy of the moon, water holds us in her gentle grip, safe if we trust her strength to support us, terrifying when she reacts to the external pressures around her. Holding the memories of each being she has passed through, instilling them in us as she travels through our bodies on her never-ending cycle.

What draws us to home? The earth holds all we need, nurtures us, grounds us, brings safety, family, place of our birth, provides the base for connection to all there is, has been, and will be. The rich dark earth the place where all life stems from, containing every nutrient essential for life. As children we dig holes to bury treasures, animals do the same with food. Trusting the earth to keep our most precious things safe in her loving arms. She holds the treasures of all those gone before, allowing us to connect with ancestors who did the same.

What draws us to fly? The longing for freedom, air that supports the birds, winds that cool or ravage the earth, life giving breath, spiritual connection to higher realms, unknown and uncontrollable. Air our life giver, without it we would die. Passing through the world as winds, responsible for the climate and weather, moving energy from one place to another, driving force of all that is. Unseen, mysterious as the spirit realms, air shows us the magic we need in life. The wonders of the unseen worlds, bringing hope and strength, knowing there is more than we experience in this human body.

Why does fire fascinate? Flames the source of wonder, the heat that warms and sometimes burns, magickal transformation, wisdom for the elders, comfort from the cold, unstable benefactor of the human hand, connection to the fiery heart of the mother. Fire the tool our ancestors used to celebrate the connection of all things. The transformer of all things, cleanser of the unwanted, bringer of light to the dark. Fire is the embodiment of the planets heart. An entity of its own, uncontrollable, and fierce, source of divination and wisdom from the soul of the natural fuels that give it life.

We can never be separate from the world, each element within us, vibrant and eager to share its gifts. Trying to ignite the recognition of memories stored deep in the subconscious mind. Memories of ancestral harmony with the land, knowledge of its healing power, urging us to stop and rediscover the wisdom we chose to ignore in favour of industry and technology.

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